Guitar related goods

I have listed the ones I have that I like. Will be updated as needed.
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Guitar related

Sheet music

  • Collection of Ghibli songs.
  • Suitable for beginners, but with a beautiful resonance.
  • Includes TABs and CD.
  • It is the very first book I used to practice guitar.
  • example:

Practice book

  • It explains the basics such as right hand nail shape and planting (=preliminary action ALWAYS required before plucking the string).
    It also includes practice menus for scales, arpeggio, slurs, etc.
  • TABs included.

  • A collection of songs aimed at mastering the basic techniques.
  • Includes explanations so you don’t have to wonder what to pay attention to when practicing.
  • However, there is no TABs. Staves only.


  • A good value for money classical guitar strings set.
  • I used it until the summer of 2023.

  • Higher rank strings than above.
  • Feels especially clear on bass.
  • I have been using it since the summer of 2023.


  • Unobtrusive, compact tuner.

Guitar stand

  • Cheap and durable. I’ve been using it for several years and it hasn’t broken.

Fret polisher

  • You can easily shine up fret stained with sebum.

Guitar support

  • For those who use a footstool in classical style but feel tired when playing due to the unbalanced center of gravity.

Guitar sleeve

  • Avoid direct skin contact and prevent sebum stains on the guitar.
  • Even with thin arms, it fits properly and never slip.

Musical theory

  • Such as intervals, time signatures (e.g., the difference between 3/4 and 6/8), diatonic chord, inversions, secondary functions, modulations, modal interchanges, Neapolitan chords, diminished chords, and more are explained with examples of classical music.
  • This is not a friendly explanation and is not intended for those who have never seen the above words before.
  • It is not intended for guitar, so examples are in staff notation only.

  • CD containing music examples from the above book.
  • If you can play the piano, it is not required

General Book

  • Explains how to stop bad habits and continue good habits.
  • To improve guitar playing, it is necessary to have a practice routine. Here is a book that will help you.

For cat

  • Brush for cat.
  • It is rather hard, but my cat likes it.