Hometown Domina – Legend of Mana

About game/music

This is “Hometown Domina” from the action RPG “Legend of Mana” (1999, PS1), developed and published by Square.
This is composed by Yoko Shimomura.

This is the 4th title in the “Mana” series.
The features of this title are as follows;

  • Landmaking system:
    • Players can build and explore lands (towns and dungeons) by placing AF (=artifacts) on the world map.
      The “mana level” of the land changes depending on its placement and influences the events that occur.
  • Flexible storyline:
    • Players can choose to follow any storyline that interests them at the time, rather than following a linear storyline.
  • Character customization:
    • Players can freely choose the equipment and skills of the main character.
  • Beautiful pixel art like a picture book

This song is used in Domina, the first town that the players visits, and will visit again in various subsequent events.


bar 2-5

  • Smooth 4th degree ascending progression

bar 8-10

  • The inner voice is moving by semitones (^b7-♮7-^1). The movement from tension to release feels good.

bar 14-16

  • bVI-bVII-i
    • This is a chord progression frequently used in the Touhou series.
    • The forceful ascending of each whole note toward the tonic gives the feeling of reaching a climax.
    • examples;

bar 18-21

  • Smooth 4th degree ascending progression