8 PM- Animal Crossing New Leaf

This is “8 p.m.” from Nintendo’s life simulation game “Animal Crossing: Animal Crossing.
The melody at the beginning is the same as the title screen BGM.
The iii-vi in I-VI-iii-vi gives it a lonely feeling in the evening. (As the song title says, it’s played at night…)
After that, there are more chords borrowed from the minor modes, bVI, bVII, and bIII.
The gradual rise in bar 17 sounds like bII (Neapolitan II).
I changed the 6th string to D because I personally felt that lowering the bass toward the end of the song (bars 19~26) would give it more atmosphere.
In order to make it sound more like the original key of F, I added a capotast, but it can be done without it.

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