TenguMan Stage – MegaMan&Bass

This is “TenguMan Stage” from Capcom’s 2D action game “MegaMan&Bass”.
In the game, the stage is located in the sky above, and you can imagine a calm and peaceful sky.
If you put the capotast at 1f, it would be in the original key of Eb major, but I left it off because the 10f barre in the 13th bar becomes difficult.
The tune is jazz-like, using tetrad such as Maj7 chord and m7 chord, and tensions such as 9th are also used.
The use of secondary dominants (such as the third beat of the 3rd bar) and tritone substitution (such as the third beat of the 5th bar) also adds to the complexity.
The chord on the third beat of the 13th bar is also originally a tritone substitution, but I used a normal dominant-seventh chord because it becomes a bit too difficult for fingering.
(By the way, what’s the first chord? It looks like a whole-tone kind of movement, but I couldn’t figure it out when I looked it up…)

Key points for guitar playing:
You will be moving your left finger mainly at the chord changes (beats 1 and 3), so the trick is to learn the chord shapes first.