Accumula Town – Pokémon Black/White

About game/music

This is “Accumula Town” from RPG “Pokémon Black/White”(2011)(Official website), developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company.
This is composed by Shota Kageyama (Twitter).
For example, in his most recent work, he composed the music for “Pokémon UNITE”(2021).

Pokémon Black/White was the second release on the Nintendo DS after “Pokémon Pearl/Diamond”(2006).
The Unova region, where the adventure takes place, is based on New York City.
Compared to last title, changes include; improved animations in battles, TMs become no longer one-time-only, and the introduction of the four seasons …etc.

Accumula Town is a small town that appears early in the game.
The place is memorable, because it is where players first see the villain, Ghetsis of the Team Plasma, and also where the first battle with the Pokémon trainer N takes place.


Part A

  • It is simple I-IV-i-V-I.

Part B

  • Tetrad is used and there is a contrast with part A.
  • bar 11: Seems to be “chromatic approach chords” (biii7, between iii7 and ii7)
  • bar 12: I’m not sure, but III7 here seems to be a deceptive resolution to IVmaj7 in bar 14.
    (III7=F#7 typically resolves to vi=Bm. But on the other hand, IVmaj7=Gmaj7 has all chord tones of Bm=b, d, f#. So it seems to be possible to say that III7 can be resolved to IV, although not completely neatly.)
  • bar 14~15: Ōdō shinkō (kind of IV-V-iii-vi, video explaining)
  • bar 16: I wrote bIImaj7 as Phrygian based on the component sounds, but it also sounds like iv (because bIImaj7=Ebmaj7 consist of e♭, g, b♭, d. It shares notes with iv=Gm except for eb) and also could be called chromatic approach chords.