Thrash Machine – Deltarune

This is “Thrash Machine” from the RPG “Deltarune” (being) made by Toby Fox.

The first half of the song is pretty, and the second half is more emotional, using tetrad.

I like Toby Fox’s songs because they have a certain warmth to them. There were times when I thought I was checking the notes during the arrangement, but I found myself playing endlessly.

Personally, my favorite part is the Dmaj7-D7-Em-F#7-Bm (Imaj7-I7-ii-III7-vi) progression in bars 15-17th, which has a nice semitone drop (c#-c♮-b-a#-a).
This progression is also used in other songs of the same game(such as “Dogcheck”).
I think the reason why you can feel the emotion strongly is because it uses a lot of secondary chords.

Key points for guitar playing:
The fingering in bar 21st may be difficult for those with small hands (hold down the 2nd fret of 6th string, and the 7th fret of 1st string).
If this is the case, please try playing the 7th fret of 5th string instead.
It’s an octave different, but you can play the same ‘e’ note easier.

(2021/10/15 added)
I’ve just noticed that this seems to be an arrangement of Lancer’s Theme.
I’d like to arrange that one too, to analyze the differences.

Original here.(No.20)