Title Screen – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

This is the “Title Screen” from the Nintendo game “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”.
It is composed by Tomoya Tomita.
There is a contrast between the staccato piano playing in the first half, which is cute, and the second half, which is calm but gives a sense that something is about to begin.
I think the cute impression of the first half is due to the simple and easy to listen to chord progression of I-IV-V (E-A-B) and the use of inversions to keep the song from sounding too energetic.
If you try to play it with the bass as the root, it will sound too powerful and not match the impression of the game.
The second half of the song is a chord progression of IV-V-iii-IV (A-B-G#m-A), but the use of 7th and 9th notes changes the atmosphere considerably.
The last part ends with IV, which leads to the beginning of the story.

Key points for guitar playing:
In the first half, I played in staccato, following the original.
In the second half the mood changes, so I think it is better to have a short pause before you play the next part.

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