Grass Land – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

About game/music

This is “Grass Land” from action game “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”(2010)(official website), developed by Good-Feel, published by Nintendo.
This is composed by Tomoya Tomita(Youtube, Twitter).
He is also the composer of “Wario Land: Shake It!”(2008), “Yoshi’s Woolly World”(2015) and etc.

The game design of this title differs from the main series; Kirby does not use his inhale ability, but uses a woolly whip to perform actions.
Also, as there is no concept of stamina, the game can be said to place more emphasis on interaction with the picture book-like world.

About game/music

Part A

  • The tonic sound of the backbeat gives a sense of stability and the excitement of adventure.

Part B

  • bar 11~18: Ohdo progression(IV-V-iii-vi, “王道進行”) that often appears in Japanese popular music. The transition from a major key to a parallel minor key is dramatic.
  • bar 15: The 9th is added and there is a sense of vision opening up.
  • bar 16: Here the melody changes to a chromatic approach.
  • bar 18: VI instead of vi, which gives more power to move on to the next code.