A Home For Flowers (Empty) – OMORI

About game/music

This is “A Home For Flowers (Empty)” from RPG “OMORI”, which is about overcoming trauma, created by OMOCAT.
This is composed by Pedro Silva.
The soundtrack is here.

OMOCAT, the creator of the game, cites “Earthbound” as an influence on this game, but also says that it is influenced by other famous games in Japan, like “Pokemon”, “Legend of Zelda”, etc.
(Interview Note:Japanese only)

This song is played in the house of Basil, who is one of the main character’s friend.
As the story progresses, his house and its surroundings change, and this song has several variations to match each atmosphere.
(I won’t go into details as it would be a spoiler)


Note: Timestamps below are from the performance video.

  • In bar 1st~8th (0:00~0:33) , mainly IV and I is used so it feels gentle.
  • Diminished chord (common-tone diminished 7th chord *…as I think) is used at the end of bar 8th and it gives a change of atmosphere. (0:34)
  • Bar 9th~12th is Ohdo progression (IV-V-iii-vi), and it gives strong emotional feeling. (0:36~0:52)

* Common-tone diminished chord is a diminished chord that include the same note as the root of the following chord.
It is used ornamentally for the following chord, and all notes except the common tone are resolved by moving in semitones.