Lost Library – OMORI

About game/music

This is “Lost Library” from RPG “OMORI”, which is the story about overcoming trauma, created by OMOCAT.
This is composed by Pedro Silva.
The soundtrack is here.

OMOCAT, the creator of the game, cites “Earthbound” as an influence on this game, but also says that it is influenced by other famous games in Japan, like “Pokemon”, “Legend of Zelda”, etc.
(Interview Note:Japanese only)

This music is played in the area of the library buried underground, which can be entered after fighting antagonistic character SWEETHEART.
It also shares music with the PYREFLY FOREST explored before it.
Here you can find out some of the past memories of Sunny, the main character.
You will find out why they are buried underground as you progress through the story.


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