Floccesy Town – Pokémon Black2/White2

About game/music

This is “Floccesy Town” from “Pokémon Black2/White2”, developed by Game Freak, released by The Pokémon Company.
This is composed by Go Ichinose.

Floccesy Town is a small town surrounded by trees and is home to Alder, the previous Pokémon League Champion in “Black/White”.
It has a small clock tower, and in the music the sound of bells evoking it is used .
(The arrangement omits it, as it was difficult to include them)

Although capo fret 4 is the original key, capo fret 2 is used for ease of fingering in bar 20th ceja.
(It doesn’t matter, if you are using a cutaway type)


Part A

  • bar 2~5: Progression of base descending sequentially with inverted forms
  • bar 6~8: smooth movement up by semitone (a > a# > b)
  • bar 10~13: smooth movement down by semitone (a > g# > g > f#)
  • bar 15: Aeolian modal interchange (not simply IV-V-I)

Part B

  • Modulated over minor 3rd degree
  • bar 18~21: “Ohdo progression”-like
  • bar 21: Emphasis on minor key resonance by bIIo7
  • bar 22~23: Gentle movement by ii-ii/V (not ii-V)
  • bar 32: Secondary chords-like, but also a dominant chord in the beginning key

*Not sure about the chords in bars 12, 29