Route 2 – Pokémon Black/White

About game/music

This is “Route 2” from RPG “Pokémon Black/White”(2010)(Official website), developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company.
This is composed by Hitomi Sato(Twitter).

Hitomi Sato has been participating in composing music for the Pokémon series since “Pokémon Diamond/Pearl”(2007).

“Pokémon Black/White” was the second release on the Nintendo DS after “Pokémon Diamond/Pearl”.
The Unova region, where the adventure takes place, is based on New York City.
Compared to last title, changes include; improved animations in battles, TMs become no longer one-time-only, and the introduction of the four seasons …etc.

Route 2 is west of Accumula Town, the first town player visit after setting out on the adventure.
Here the first trainer battle will occur, including a fight with one of player’s rivals.
It can also be visited at the end of the game in the sequel, “Pokémon Black2/White2”(2012).

There are differences depending on the season in the game (spring, summer, fall, winter), and I refer to the summer version.


  • Triads are used throughout, giving it a simple and powerful feel.
  • bar 7~9: 王道進行(IV-V-iii-vi)
  • bar 13, 16: Dominant chord of the relative key, III = B, is used, temporarily modulated to the relative key = E minor.
  • bar 15: The d# in the melody is the major 7th degree of the relative key, the leading tone.

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