Able Sisters – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is “Able Sisters” from Nintendo’s life simulation game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”.
The key is D major, but it suddenly becomes darker in the fourth measure with the chord progression bIII-V7#5 of II.
bIII is a borrowed chord from the key of D minordorian(20/6/2021 edited), and V7#5 of II is a secondary dominant toward II.
(The dominant seventh toward Em = B7)
This is where it sounds indescribably stylish!
The whole thing is staccato, which I feel it gives a meticulous feel.

Key points of the guitar playing:
As I mentioned above, I think the key to getting close to the original vibe is to play in a staccato throughout.
In the video, I use “mute by immediately touching the plucked string with your right thumb” and “mute by touching with your left pinky finger” (for instance, bar 5th). Please refer to it for reference.