Goat Battle – Monster Rancher 3

This is “Battle (Goth Region)” from the monster raising simulation game “Monster Rancher 3” by Tecmo (now: Koei Tecmo Games).
To be honest, I made a TAB score, but my playing skills are not up to par.
The first half of the song is a smooth and easy to listen to progression of II-V-I, while the second half has bIII and bVI (both borrowed chords from minor keys), which gives a sense of bittersweetness.
I couldn’t think of a good way to end it, so I didn’t write it in the score, but I ended it with IVM7-V9-bIIb13-IM9 (DM7-E9-Bb7(13)-AM9).

Guitar playing tips:
There are no difficult chords, but if you don’t play them in perfect harmony with the rhythm, your playing will be unstable.
Also, since the melody and chord tones are close together, make sure to make the melody stand out. (Please refer to the emphasis mark of > in the score.