Oh! One True Love – Undertale

This is “Oh! One True Love” from the 2D RPG “Undertale” produced by Toby Fox.
If you listen to the scene and the song together in the game, you’ll notice that it’s clearly an homage to the opera scene in FinalFantasyVI.
The song that follows, “Oh! Dungeon,” also seems to be an homage to the game’s “Grande Finale”.
The original is in the key of A major, but since the melody is high, I lowered it and put a capotast on the 5th fret, F major.

Guitar playing tips:
In the first half, the melody, bass, and perfect 5th degree are played in chunks, which is relatively easy to play.
The second half, however, is difficult to play smoothly because the melody and distributed chords move simultaneously.
About fingering, the beginning of the 10th bar is played with the middle finger on the 6th string and the index finger on the 2nd string.
(You can also use barre, but the note on the second string is cut off on the second beat, so I play it like this.)