Dogcheck – DELTARUNE Chapter 1

About game/music

This is “Dogcheck”* from RPG “DELTARUNE Chapter 1”(2018)(official website), created by Toby Fox.
This is composed by him as well.(Bandcamp/Youtube/Twitter)
* I don’t know what is the official name of this piece.

This music is not played during normal gameplay.
You can hear this music under certain conditions.
For more information, please Google it.

It’s a shuffle rhythm, with some ambience at the beginning.
The original song is probably “Dogsong” from “UNDERTALE”(2015).

By the way, he also composed some of the battle music for “Pokémon Sword and Shield”, which became a hot topic in the Japanese gaming community.
And, he is also involved in composing the music for the latest Pokemon game.
I’m looking forward to hearing his new music!



  • bar 1~4:
    The intro has an ambient feel.
    This is probably due to the common non-moving note in the chords and the minimal movement of the bass.

Part A

  • Easy to see that the melody of “Dogsong” is used
  • bar 12:
    There is a blue note(♮f) which is minor 3rd of D7.
    It is like being pulled to the next sound down.
    *Strictly speaking, it should be slightly closer to a major 3rd.

Part B

  • bar 19: In this part, iii7 changed to III7, secondary chord. It is more dynamic.
  • bar 23~24: delayed resolution