A Town Called Hometown – DELTARUNE Chapter 1

About game/music

This is “A Town Called Hometown” from RPG “DELTARUNE Chapter 1”(2018)(official website), created by Toby Fox.
This is also composed by him.(Bandcamp/Youtube/Twitter)

The story is about a world where monsters and humans live together, and the main character, a human, wanders into a strange world at school.
Like UNDERTALE, the game continues to use a unique battle system that you can win without killing enemies by winning their hearts.

This song is played when you managed to return to your home world from the other world(?), which you wandered into at the beginning of the story.
It is the end of Chapter 1, but also the prologue to Chapter 2.
At certain location, you can see (although he is not seen on screen) Toby Fox working hard on the development of chapter 2.


*Time stamps are of the performance video.

Part A (0:21~)

  • bar 9~12 (0:21~0:30): Smooth bass descending with diatonic chords and their inverted forms.
  • bar 14 (0:35): it seems the first inverted form of II9. It has sounds like diminished chords.

Part B (1:02~)

  • The same melody is used as in “Beginning” and “Field of Hopes and Dreams”, which appears repeatedly throughout the game.

Part C

  • (same as above)
  • Non-chord tones are sounded longer in dispersed chords, making them sound more expansive (…I feel).
  • bar 36 (1:43~1:48): Considering that the phrases are four bars each, it can be seemed that the song ends here, but the end is stretched out using a deceptive resolution (not ii-V-I, but ii-V-vi).
  • bar 39~43 (1:48~): The coda section is added by me after I wondered what to do with the end.
    I raised the melody from bar 37th by an octave and use inverted form to end gently.