Undella Town (Autumn~Spring) – Pokémon Black/White

This is “Undella Town (Autumn – Spring)” from Nintendo’s monster raising RPG “Pokémon Black/White”.
The music is composed by Hitomi Sato.
I’ll refrain from going into details as it would spoil the story, but it’s a town in the Unova region where a little meme has become famous.

In the summer, the background music is reminiscent of a sea bustling with many people, but in other seasons, the background music become calm one.

I think it is characterized by the fact that there is no obvious resolution like dominant to tonic.
It contains non-chord tones (notes other than the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th), so it doesn’t produce obvious movement, and that gives the impression of drifting along with the flow.
In the original, there are a few chromatic clashes, which I wanted to include because they are impressive, but I decided to keep them only in bar 7th for ease of playing.
(This is a very dissonant combination of notes, so please play this part gently.)

Actually, I arranged this once before, but the result was that it lost the original atmosphere… so this time I’m taking revenge 😀