Driftveil City – Pokémon Black/White

About game/music

This is “Driftveil City” from RPG “Pokémon Black/White”(2010)(Official website), developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company.
This is composed by Hitomi Sato(Twitter).

Pokémon Black/White was the second release on the Nintendo DS after Pokémon Pearl/Diamond(2006).
The Unova region, where the adventure takes place, is based on New York City.
Compared to last title, changes include; improved animations in battles, TMs become no longer one-time-only, and the introduction of the four seasons …etc.

Driftveil City is a port town facing the sea, with a fifth gym.
According to the composer, Hitomi Sato, the music was inspired by the kind of fun music that played at the Thai restaurant she used to go to.


  • The 6th note of the minor scale is not used in the melody.
    I think it can be said that the melody has the power of a minor pentatonic, but also has the sentiment due to the semitone between 2nd and m3rd.
  • The chords are mainly i, iv, and v, which are easy on the ears.
  • bar 14: V#5 is used to add spice.

If I could add dotted note rhythms in part B, it would be closer to the original, but I think this is where I have to come to terms with my skills.