Rustblood – HIVESWAP Act 1

About game/music

This is “Rustblood” from point-and-click adventure game “HIVESWAP Act 1”(2017), developed and published by What Pumpkin Games.
This is composed by James Roach and Toby Fox(Twitter).

This is a point-and-click game based on the world of a webcomic Homestuck.
Joey, a human, is accidentally transported to another planet, where she meets Xefros, a troll, and together overcome dangers.
The game was funded through Kickstarter and will be released in four episodes.
Currently, ACT 2(2020) has been released.

This music plays in the Xefros’s house (hive).


bar 16

  • IV or IV7 in minor key (other TABs include this chord progression)
    • 6th of the minor scale is raised a semitone. This means it’s temporarily in Dorian mode.
    • It would be like drying out a damp darkness.
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